Small Business resolution for 2017 improve marketing in a digital age.

Websites for Small Business with a Marketing Focus

Your business grows and blooms online when you lead with the benefits and solutions you provide to current and future customers!

Your customers want to know that their problems are going to be solved, and that they can trust you to continue to provide products and services that meet their specific needs. Our job is to help you sell your services and products without all the jargon that your customers may not understand.

We provide Marketing for your small business using digital media like websites, blogs, social media and email marketing to connect on a personal level. (Well as personal as you can get online.)

Focus your time on the other aspects of your business, we can do most of your marketing for you at an affordable price.

We not only give you a unique web design to match your company culture, we research your industry and competitors to write up your content with a benefits first approach.

Simply let us know what sets you apart from the competition and we will write content that speaks to the needs of your clients, because if they don't immediately know how you can help they move on. Once prospects know that you can help them, then they will start analyzing if they like the services or products you provide. (Anotherwords don't lead with the specifics of how your products or services work, lead with how your clients benefit.)



Digital & Web Marketing Services

Custom Web Design
Social Media Management / Marketing
Search Engine Marketing / Optimization
Content Writing / Marketing
eMail Marketing
CMS / WordPress Websites
Multi Media Marketing (Logos, Graphic Design, Photography and Video)
Decorative Wood Carvings and Marketing Signs
Domains, Hosting and other Web Services
Other Business Services to help your Business Grow & Bloom!




Additional Marketing Products and Services for Small Business

ABI Woodworking - Business & Social Media Signs

ABI Woodworking is a division of eRose Web where we create three-dimensional wood carvings. These are great to have a unique sign directing people to your office, to use in the background of your social media videos and photos, or as custom client gifts to help you really make your business bloom.

Social Media Signs        


Visit ABI Woodworking page on Amazon for selected stock items.

or for a larger selection and information on Custom Woodcarvings please visit the ABI Woodworking Website


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